Kromek develops a wide range of applications for a number of different platforms which utilise the Cadmium Telluride family of x-ray detector materials to provide material information to the User. Typically these detectors are used in applications which demand high resolution materials discrimination such as security, narcotics, civil nuclear, non-destructive testing, medical imaging, counterfeit goods and defence.

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Kromek has a portfolio of cutting-edge high-resolution OEM components, modules and end user products spectral identification, measurement and quantification of isotopes in complex nuclear environments.

Accurate isotope identification enables discrimination between man-made and naturally occurring radiation. Our products differentiate themselves from competitors by their high-sensitivity, high-resolution and small form factor allowing unprecedented flexibility in deployment.

In security, Kromek offers a range of OEM components, modules and end user products. These include handheld and networked radiation detectors, and within aviation security, Kromek offers liquid threat detection, type C systems algorithm and 2D and 3D imaging equipment.

The Kromek Identifier is a liquid explosive detection system that brings speedy identification of threats, is certified to ECAC level 3, and that uniquely can accurately scan ALL container SHAPES and ALL container TYPES, including metal and foil.

Kromek LEADER liquid explosive detection algorithm for Type C systems is a non-disruptive background task that utilises existing equipment routines to identify when bottles are presented to the OEM system for screening. It then applies image recognition sub-routines against a set of pre-programmed variables to determine if the liquid is potentially threat or benign.

eV3500™ is a fully integrated Photon Counting energy discriminating CZT detector with true real-time operation with flat field correction. It provides superior efficiency and energy discrimination capabilities vs conventional Scintillation-based detectors. eV-CZT® detectors coupled with Kromek's advanced ASIC technology make high speed MEXA applications possible.

We also have a suite of OEM components, modules and prodcuts under development with partners in the medical imaging market including PET, SPECT and CT.