eV-CPG® CZT-based, Room Temperature, High-resolution Radiation Detector.. Product #: cpg


Co-Planar Grid Detectors - Gamma-Ray Detectors for Nuclear Spectroscopy

Available in standard sizes of 10x10x10mm3 and 10x10x7.5mm3. Other sizes available in limited quantities.

The Portable CZT eV-CPG® detector is made possible by recent advances in the CZT detector manufacturing processes. These large volume CZT detectors have the electrode geometry and charge collection efficiency to offer the high resolution necessary for nuclear spectroscopy.

The CPG detectors are ideal for applications requiring high efficiency, high resolution, room temperature operation. Their compact size and rugged design allows their use in harsh or restrictive environments.

Principle of Operation

The application of the CPG electrode structure creates an electron-only collection device that allows for a reduction in tailing caused by the trapping of charge in the CZT crystal. For this technique, the anode is divided into 2 sets of connected electrode grids, with each set coupled to an independent preamplifier. The preamplifiers are then connected to a differential amplifier and the resulting signal is fed to an external shaping amplifier.


  • Homeland Security
  • Remote portable sensors
  • Isotope identification
  • Lab based gamma-ray spectroscopy
  • Health Physics
  • Medical diagnostics


  • Excellent energy resolution

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