2D Imaging Equipment- eV3500 Linear Imaging Detector and Software.. Product #: ev3500

2D Imaging Equipment- eV3500

Linear Imaging Detector and Software

The eV3500™ is a fully integrated Photon Counting energy discriminating Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) detector with an onboard microcontroller and FPGA allowing true real-time operation.

The solid-state CZT detector technology provides superior efficiency and energy discrimination capabilities vs conventional Scintillation-based detectors.

CZT based detectors are rapidly becoming the technology of choice in many of today's most advanced medical, industrial and security applications.

Medical (Dual Energy X-ray)

  • Bone Mineral Densitometry
  • CT
  • Mammography
  • Research


  • Explosives detection

Industrial Food Inspection

  • Fat / lean analysis
  • Contaminant inspection
  • Process control

Laboratory and Research Imaging

  • Low noise
  • High efficiency
  • 5 Photon energy thresholds independently tunable
  • Solid state detector technology
  • Integrated electronics
  • Non-hygroscopic sensor
  • Real-time imaging

CZT semiconductor
Length: 128mm to 1280 mm
Tile up to >1 meter length
Pixel pitch: 2 pixels / mm length
Custom pixel geometries available
Energy Range: 20keV – 160keV
Integral high voltage power supply
Power Input: 3V, 5V, 12V
Communication port: USB 2.0, or ethernet
Power LED indicator
Software designed for Windows® and Linux
160nS Peaking time
Integration period: minimum 250 µS

X-ray Operational Specifications
20-160 KVP*
1 million cps/pixel
Operating temperature 25oC to 40oC
Recommend minimum 2mm Aluminum filtration on x-ray output

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