SPEAR A CZT based, room-temperature, Single Point Extended Area Radiation detector used to measure x- and .. Product #: SPEAR


A CZT based, room-temperature, Single Point Extended Area Radiation detector used to measure x- and gamma-rays.

The SPEAR (Single Point Extended Area Radiation) detector is a complete probe, comprising a 5x5x5mm3 CZT detector crystal and low noise hybrid preamplifier in a housing measuring only 13mm diameter x 84mm in length. The probe is supplied complete with a 2 meter long connecting input/output cable, allowing the unit to be used immediately upon receipt.

  • Gamma-ray Spectroscopy
  • Health Physics
  • Medical Diagnostics
  • Site Monitoring
  • X-ray Fluorescence
  • Position Sensing
  • X-ray Diffraction
  • Dosimeters
  • Industrial Gauging
  • Astronomy
  • Small Size
  • Excellent Energy Resolution
  • High Charge Collection Efficiency
  • High Photo Peak Efficiency
  • Low tailing and high peak-to-valley ratios
  • Room-temperature operation
  • High Speed Detection
  • Robust
  • Non Hygroscopic
CZT Detector Dimensions  5x5x5mm» with CAPture® contacts 
Measurement Capabilities  Energy Range: 10 to 670keV
Energy Resolution: < 4% FWHM @ 122 KeV @ 25ºC
(contact eV for exact value depending on the application specifics)
Operating Temperature  Range: - 30º to 50º C Standard
 SPEAR Dimensions  12mm diameter x 89mm length
Housing Finish Anodized Gold comes standard. (A wide range
available. Contact eV Products for information)
SPEAR Detector Input Requirements 9 PIN Sub D connector: +12V DC, ground
SHV connector: HV bias (typically +500 to +1000VDC)
Signal Output BNC connector
As assembled, all Input/Output connectors will interface directly
with any standard spectroscopy or counting system.
SPEAR Performance + 7 to 12V DC Operation
Input Capacitance: 6.6pF
Risetime @ C source: 1pF- 35nS
Falltime @ C source: 1 pF - 725uS
Noise @ C source: 0pF - ~160 e¯ (Si)
Sensitivity: 3.2 mV/fCoul
Power dissipation : 130 mW
(+ 12 VDC supply)

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