Quant for GR1® Q4-GR1® Unique Solution for Mobile Laboratory Radionuclide Analysis.. Product #: Q4-GR1

Quant for GR1 Q4-GR1®

Quant for GR1® (Q4-GR1®) is a unique solution for measuring the activity of radionuclides in filters, filter papers, and beakers.
The low power, small form factor, reliability, and no requirement for cooling, enable measurements of various configurations of samples, without the need for time consuming transport back to offsite laboratory.
Q4-GR1® utilises mature Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) technology, provides less than 2% energy resolution, unmatched by conventional scintillator detector based instruments such as LaBr3 and NaI. This high resolution performance enables clear separation of gamma energy peaks within complex mixed radionuclide samples for accurate quantification of individual radionuclides without the need for chemical separation. 
Q4GR1® is a unique solution for mobile laboratory radionuclide analysis for measuring the activity of radionuclides in filters, filter papers, and beakers. Q4-GR1® comes with an optimised and integrated lead/copper shield that enables operation in both standard and raised backgrounds.
MultiSpect Analysis® data can be analysed at any time allowing real-time isotope ID. Files can be saved for reporting. Available with detector configured for low or high-dose environments.
Q4-GR1® comes combined with a dedicated Quantitative Activity Analysis module built into the Kromek MultiSpect Analysis® software package. This enables full spectrum visualisation, configurable radionuclides, sample geometry selection, and adjustable confidence levels.
The results are stored within a database that can be exported to CSV file format, and reports output to PDF.
Pre-defined sample types are:
Standard Maypack filter
Filter papers
Maypack charcoal
Q4GR1® is a unique solution for mobile laboratory radionuclide analysis for measuring the activity of radionuclides in filters, filter papers, and beakers.
Efficiency optimised beaker filled with distributed material

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Decommissioning
  • Waste Disposal
  • Food Inspection
  • Detector Resolution: <2%
  • Energy Range: 30keV to 3MeV
  • Number of channels: 4096
  • Weight: 22kg
  • Power Consumption: Mains Powered
  • Dimensions: 300mm diameter x 210mm height
  • Lead/Copper Shield: 10mm/3mm
  • Number of selectable radionuclides as standard: 47
  • Counting Time: User Configurable

Kromek’s revolutionary transportable Gamma Ray Spectrometer brings high energy resolution measurements for sample analysis, isotope identification and quantitative activity analysis, on-site and infield. Requiring no cooling or disposable parts, coupled with Kromek’s user friendly software, the Quant for GR1TM is an all-round easy-to-use solution.


Kromek has a long history of designing and manufacturing gamma ray spectrometers. Our flagship GR1 CZT-based detector has been utilised into the revolutionary Quant for GR1TM (Q4GR1TM). Lead shielding reduces back ground radiation, allowing accurate isotope identification of samples, and precise measurements of the activity. A range of marinelli style beakers allows a constant geometry for easy sample collection and measurement.

Technology behind the product

A Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) based gamma ray spectrometer lies at the heart of the product. It is surrounded by lead and copper shielding to reduce the background dose. Algorithms built into the software automatically identify radio isotopes and calculate their activities. The option is available to perform manual efficiency calibrations, allowing samples of new geometries to be analysed. The portable package allows it to be used in the field, removing the cost and time factors in sending samples away for analysis.


  • Nuclear Decommissioning
  • Emergency Response
  • Environmental Infield Sample Analysis
  • Medical Spectroscopy

Alternative products/devices: GR1TM, RayMon10TM, Quant AirTM, SIGMATM

Other devices within the Kromek GR1 family are the GR1A and A+, GR1+, GR05, RayMon10 and QuantAir. They all have the CZT-based GR1 at their core. The GR1 is mainly a lab-based detector and is the size of a matchbox and weighs only 60g. This opens up a wide range of applications that were previously impossible due to the size and power requirements of high energy resolution detectors, for example spectroscopy down narrow pipes or on remotely operated drones.

RayMon10TM is an infield portable sample analysis solution. A GR1 detector is attached to a portable computer, allowing gamma ray spectrometry and analysis in the field, the RayMon10’s unique RadBarTM feature enables specific nuclide identification for dose contribution assessment.

QuantAirTM is a real-time air monitoring system for passive air samplers built around the GR1.

SIGMATM is a CsI scintillator based gamma ray spectrometer, providing high efficiency and uses a silicon photo multiplier in place of traditional bulky photo multiplier tubes.

Technical Specification

The Q4GR1 delivers high energy resolution of less than 2% @662keV, with an energy range from 30 keV to 3MeV. Crystal size of 10x10x10mm CZT. Maximum throughput 30,000 cps. It weighs 22 kg and has a diameter of 300mm and a height of 210mm. The built in multichannel analyser has 4096 channels, operating over a temperature range of 0–50 °C. The Minimum Detectable Activities are 0.1 Bq per gram of Cs-137 in a ten minute count with a 0.02 µSv/h background.


The Quant for GR1 offers high energy resolution gamma ray spectroscopy in the field with its unique semi-portable design. Samples can be quickly and easily analysed for isotropic content and activity. For more information, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +44 (0) 1740 626060.


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