Spectrometry Software MultiSpect Analysis Software™ Specialised gamma ray spectroscopy software for analysis of complex s.. Product #: specsoft

Spectrometry Software

MultiSpect Analysis Software®
Specialised gamma ray spectroscopy software for analysis of complex samples for radionuclide MultiSpect Analysis® has been designed specifically for Kromek's range of semiconductor gamma ray detectors when used with Windows® 7-, 8- and 10-based PC and tablets. It allows multiple detectors to be connected and managed.

Acquisition from all detectors can be performed and displayed simultaneously, either viewing separate spectra or combining the results together in a single spectrum. Thumbnails are used to give an easy visualisation of the signals from each detector. Spectra can be displayed on an energy axis for fast and direct comparison of data.

Included within MultiSpect Analysis® is a user-configurable library of over 400 radionuclides. Results from matching spectra to the library are colour coded according to statistical significance for easy visual processing. The analysis results can be filtered easily and sorted to find the required information.

Analysis of the spectrum gives all the measured peak information and can be exported in csv format for use in other applications.

  • Health Physics
  • InSitu Monitoring
  • Nuclear Spectroscopy
  • Nuclear Industry
  • Identification of complex samples
  • Measure the peak properties and save data reports in .pdf and .csv format
  • Clear colouring of the analysis results for statistical significance
  • Connects and acquires from multiple detectors simultaneously
  • Easily apply filters for viewing the important data
  • Connects with GR1-A®, GR1®, SIGMA® and TN15® via USB
  • Library of gamma ray emissions from over 400 nuclides
  • Save spectra in the industry standard .spe file format
  • Advanced radionuclide analysis functions
  • Directly import measurements from RayMon10®
  • Inbuilt scripting allowing automation with C# code

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