Kromek has a portfolio of products for specific detection, identification and quantification of radioactive materials, which are differentiated by their sensitivity, high resolution and small form factor allowing unprecedented flexibility in deployment. Applications include civil radiation detection, industrial process control, environmental monitoring and personal detection use for the public. 

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CZT-based, Room Temperature, High-resolution Radiation Detector

GR1® - Gamma Ray Spectrometer

The Kromek GR1® is a high-performance gamma ray spectrometer utilizing a 1-cm3 CZT detector. It is completely self-contained, with built-in preamplifier, shaping amplifier, baseline restorer, pulse height digitizer, and HV supply. The digitized pulse heights of detected gamma-ray signals are sent to a PC via the USB.

Advanced GR1, GR1-A®

The Advanced GR1® (GR1-A®) is a USB-powered gamma spectrometer employing the same 1cm3 CZT detector and electronics used in the GR1 but has additional auxiliary input/outputs that greatly increase operational flexibility.

SIGMA-50® & 25®

Introducing the SIGMA-50® and SIGMA-25®, Kromek's new generation of scintillator products.


High Sensitivity Non-3He Ultra-compact Thermal Neutron Scintillation Detector

RENA-Mini® Development Platform

Designed for the development of pixelated detectors for applications and experiments requiring high-resolution gamma spectroscopy and /or in a wide dynamic dose rate range

Quant for GR1® Q4-GR1®

Unique Solution for Mobile Laboratory Radionuclide Analysis


A powerful and rugged handheld device for high-resolution Isotope ID

RadAngel for Schools® (RA4S®)

The highest Resolution Entry-level Room Temperature Gamma-Ray Spectrometer

Quant Air®

QuantAir - the measuring and quantification of airborne emissions

Quant™ for RayMon10®

The ultimate quantitative activity analysis tool; provides rapid, accurate activity measurements of point source and distributed isotopes both in the field and in the laboratory.


Unparalleled highest sensitivity for both gamma and neutron detection for a device in this size/class

Spectrometry Software

MultiSpect Analysis Software™ Specialised gamma ray spectroscopy software for analysis of complex samples for radionuclide


Gamma Spectroscopy Detector/Imager and Software

2D Imaging Equipment- eV3500

Linear Imaging Detector and Software

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