D3S® Unparalleled highest sensitivity for both gamma and neutron detection for a device in this size/clas.. Product #: D3S


Unparalleled highest sensitivity for both gamma and neutron detection for a device in this size/class

Handheld D3S detector

Kromek has combined two of its leading technologies: the non-He3 compact thermal neutron scintillator detector and CsI(Tl)/silicon photo-multiplier-based gamma detector, into the ground-breaking all-new second generation ‘Discreet Dual Detector®’, D3S®, a hybrid gamma/neutron platform that uniquely combines low-cost with high sensitivity and small form factor together with a long-life battery power source making it the ideal portable instrument.

Unique low-cost device unmatched in the market

The D3S is currently available in two versions: D3S-NET – a blind detector forming part of a covert integrated monitoring network; the other, D3S ID - The wearable RIID that's light on your belt and light on your budget.

D3S-NET  -  Integrated detector network that guards against the threat of nuclear terrorism and ‘dirty bombs’

D3S ID - The Wearable RIID

Multiple detectors Single detector
Multiple locations Single location
Paired with smartphone Paired with Smartphone
Fixed and mobile sensors Bluetooth or tethered connection
Continuously mapping radiation levels Fastest and most accurate isotope ID
Cloud augmented WAN continuously assesses data against threats Easy upgrade path to fully networked solution


Handheld D3S detector tethered with Smartphone

  • Discreet wearable design - lightweight and small
  • Uninterrupted operation - at least 12 hours on single battery charge
  • Data connectivity: Bluetooth® to mobile phone or other devices with USB option
  • Spectroscopic capability enables threats and non-threats to be differentiated through appropriate algorithms
  • No user training required - single button operation with LED indicator



“Dirty bomb threat is now a reality”

Handheld D3S detector

Today, nine nations have the capability to make a nuclear weapon and the components for a nuclear weapon, or a much simpler radiological dirty bomb, can be found anywhere around the world. One terrorist detonation could be catastrophic and could escalate the threat of nuclear war.

So, if a weapon, or the materials needed to make one, is being transported to a particular target, how do we make sure we find it in time?

How can you monitor a city, an airport, sea port or rail depot for the presence of radioactive materials over an area that can cover many square kilometres?

How it works

This ground-breaking technology enables the creation of agile, cloud augmented wide area radiation detection networks combining fixed and portable sensors, that will continuously monitor radiation in urban and other environments, and that can learn and adapt in real-time to provide significant defensive capability against the threat of nuclear terrorism and so-called ‘dirty bombs’.

Handheld D3S detector data generated into 2-dimensional heatmap

Kromek uniquely delivers the cost and performance needed for implementation of fixed, mobile and drone networks. A continuous, always-on and affordable wide area monitoring capability.

Multiple detectors can be fixed or carried by people or vehicles. Data is collected and sent to central point for analysis. With this information continuously coming in, a 2-dimensional heat map can be built up showing areas of interest.

The system is continuously assessing the data against threats. Where detectors converge in an area, the system aggregates that detector data intelligently and then compares it against a threat template. If threats are found, it can then elevate and alert for action at a higher level.

In-building tracking

2-dimensional ground level and single-storey building data can be augmented by upgrading software options to include in-building tracking enabling data to be mapped over multiple floors.

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that's light on your belt

light on your budget



The discreet wearable RIID that’s lightweight and compact

The D3S ID is the high-speed ‘Wearable RIID™’ (Radioisotope Identification Device) that’s light on your belt, light on your budget. The D3S is a powerful combination of two of Kromek’s leading technologies: The non-He3 compact thermal neutron detector and its world-leading gamma detector, into the ground-breaking solid-state detection instrument.

A fraction of the size
A fraction of the weight
A fraction of the price

At just 5 inches tall, the D3S is smaller than a Smartphone, and just a fraction of the size of a conventional RIID. And that’s not all, weighing in at just half-a-pound, it’s around one-tenth the weight, allowing it to be worn discreetly on a belt. The D3S provides the detection and discrimination capability of a RIID at a fraction of the cost of a conventional RIID.

It’s light on your belt AND light on your budget.

D3S ID04

Heavyweight performance

The D3S has been extensively tested and characterized and used in the field via the DARPA Sigma Program

  • 10,000+ detectors shipped
  • 2.5bn+ data points acquired


  • Sea Ports and borders
  • First responders
  • Airports
  • Event security
  • Environmental monitoring

The D3S ID algorithm 

The detection algorithm provides substantial enhancements in the detection and identification of low activity shielded threats, masked threats and nuisance isotopes. It has been extensively tested and characterised in multiple DNDO and DARPA programs.

Fast and accurate isotope

ID The D3S ID is one of the fastest and most accurate isotope ID devices available with real-time alarm and adjudication in seconds.

  • Three-second rolling average to detect and identify sources of radiation
  • Rapid, visible, audible and tactile alert/alarm
  • Classifies and categorises into Industrial, Medical, NORM, SNM, helping the user to take appropriate action
  • Low false alarm rate
  • Includes Wide Area Search and Confirmation Mode functions

Simple User Interface

  • Smartphone app connects to D3S via Bluetooth or USB
  • Status and notifications (visual and audio)
  • Count, Detection and ID history Results can be shared instantly by email

Minimal training

  • D3S ID is ready-to-go, out-of-the-box
  • Requires minimal training
  • Designed specifically for use by anyone, specialists and non-specialists alike

D3S-NET integrated networked detector


D3S-NET - Safeguarding Cities

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D3S-NET - Airport Security Blueprint

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D3SID - The Wearable RIID

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