LEADER Type C Algorithm Liquid explosive detection algorithm for Type C systems.. Product #: leader-typec

LEADER Type C Algorithm

Kromek LEADER Algorithm
The Kromek LEADER algorithm (Liquid Explosive Algorithm Delivering Enhanced Recognition) is a non-disruptive background task that utilises existing equipment routines to identify when bottles are presented to an OEM system for screening. It then applies image recognition sub-routines against a set of pre-programmed variables to determine if the liquid is potentially threat or benign.

System integration
The algorithm is easily integrated into existing systems and Kromek can assist where necessary in this process. The algorithm is thereafter licenced on a per installation basis or against other mutually acceptable licensing provisions.

Kromek Background LEDs
Kromek has a long history of materials identification techniques and enhancements for a number of different market sectors and applications including Liquid Explosive Detection.

Kromek's Identifier bottle scanner was accredited in the first round of ECAC testing with a Type B Standard 2. The product has since been the subject of continuous improvement delivering POD and FAR improvements resulting in ECAC Type B Standard 3 certification.

Within the Kromek Group there is the complete capability to deliver advanced sensor materials through to complete detection solutions.

Kromek LEADER algorithm, a unique liquid explosive detection algorithm for Type C systems

  • Sub 5% ECAC False Alarm Rate on full Ventress 500 test set
  • >85% Probability Of Detection
  • Improved materials identification capabilities
  • Suitable for use with any dual energy, dual view system
  • Performance enhancing add on for type C systems
  • Multispectral upgrade path for further performance improvements

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