XENA™ Linear array multispectral detection and imaging.. Product #: xena


Linear array multispectral detection and imaging

XENA has 32 signal channels plus two analog-only test channels for use in linear array imaging applications.

  • 2 × 106 counts/second per channel count rate capability
  • Self-resetting charge sensitive amplifiers with fast pulse shaping
  • Five fast comparators per channel with associated 16- bit counters
  • 160 counters read out sequentially over a 16-bit parallel data bus requires approximately 20 μs
  • Five comparator threshold voltages, common to all channels, applied externally
  • Digitally adjustable comparator thresholds, gains and offsets
  • Pulse decay time externally adjustable
  • Input signals of either polarity
  • 500 mW nominal power consumption

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