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Durham: 10 June 2008: Durham Scientific Crystals announced a rebrand and name change to an enthusiastic audience of investors, business experts and media representatives. The Sedgefield-based company, unveiled its new name Kromek and associated branding in the spectacular setting of Durham Town Hall on June 10.

As the company has moved from a research and development phase into developing and selling products, it was decided it needed a new distinctive brand.

Chief executive Dr Arnab Basu said: 'Kromek is an amalgamation of two words, chroma, the attribute of a colour and mechanism, which means the way something works or happens. This is the rationale behind the new name, which is simple, striking and memorable. It gives us the right branding tool to go forward into the next exciting stage of our growth. We have moved on from being an R&D focused company to being a commercial company with its own family of products'.

Kromek is based in NETPark, Sedgefield. Stewart Watkins, managing director of County Durham Development Company, which manages NETPark on behalf of Durham County Council, said: 'I am delighted at the success of DSC or Kromek as we must now say. DSC and companies like them are vital to the economic prosperity of County Durham. We look forward to seeing Kromek enjoy further success and create even more jobs in the county'

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