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DURHAM-based Kromek has been offered a £250,000 R&D award by regional development agency One NorthEast. This will allow the company to develop a prototype advanced x ray screening system for use in industrial inspection activities.

Kromek chief executive Dr Arnab Basu said: "For industry, x ray inspection is a quick, cost effective method of monitoring product quality." He added: "Kromek has already undertaken an extensive primary market evaluation project and has received positive interest for its development plan from 10 out of the 14 major players in the industrial x ray market. We will pursue these opportunities and will work towards developing partnerships with one or more of these companies."

Kromek is the 100th company in the North East to receive a research and development grant from One NorthEast.

One NorthEast senior R&D finance manager Will Adams said: "It is great news that the milestone 100th R&D grant has been awarded to such a prestigious project, which is set to change the face of xrays into digital, real time images.

"The new technology devised by Kromek has huge potential, from its immediate use in industrial inspection units to further applications in medical imaging and airport security. This is exactly the type of innovative project the grant was designed to support and I am pleased that One NorthEast has been able to assist the firm at such a critical time in its development."

This award follows a SMART award of £63,000 received in March 2004 and completed in October 2005.

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